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Wieloformatowy skaler z wejściami 2xHDMI 4K, 1xHDMI HD, 1xDisplayPort 4K, 1xVGA, 1xCVBS, 1xDVI-U (DVI/HDMI & VGA/RGBS/YPbPr) i wyjściami 1xHDMI 4K, 1xDVI/HDMI zapewniający oszałamiającą jakość obrazu dla profesjonalnych użytkowników z obszaru broadcast i PROAV.

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LEDView720 is a universal image scaler based on Calibre’s proprietary class-leading HQUltra 4K image processing technology. HQUltra scaling provides best in class picture quality with low latency video processing.
With its custom LED videowall-optimized scaling algorithms, LEDView720 has a special LED mode with per-edge pixel-accurate image sizing for fast pixel-perfect image alignment of all sources on LED videowalls.
Featuring Calibre’s proprietary HQUltraFast source switching able to switch input channels in under a quarter of a second, LEDView720 has a wide range of input connectivity for today’s digitally connected ProAV world, but still is able to support legacy formats too, all with great image quality.
LEDView720 includes front panel controls with easy to read front panel menu system as well as remote control via inbuilt webserver or easy to implement API commands.
Flexible Pan-Tilt-Zoom controls allow selection of an area of interest
Rugged 1U rack-mountable case with integral modular universal mains PSU.



• Perfect scaling with Calibre’s HQUltra low-latency 4K best-in-class proprietary scaling algorithms

• HQUltraFast proprietary typical 0.25 seconds input channel switching technology

• LED Videowall Optimized Scaling with per-edge pixel-accurate custom sizing

• Front panel jog-wheel and LCD display for fast easy set-up in the field

• 8 Video Inputs: 2xHDMI 4K, 1xHDMI HD, 1xDisplayPort 4K, 1xVGA, 1xCVBS, 1xDVI-U (DVI/HDMI & VGA/RGBS/YPbPr)

• 2 Video Outputs: 1xHDMI 4K, 1xDVI/HDMI

• Brightness, Contrast, Saturation controls for all source types

• RGB calibration controls (not 4:2:0 in to 4:2:0 out)

• Flexible Aspect Ratio Conversion

• Audio de-embed from HDMI & DisplayPort inputs to S/PDIF, re-embed to HDMI outputs

• Multiple outputs for local monitoring of live output feed

• Remote control via webserver or simple API

• Supports LED Videowalls from 4096×2160 to 128×96 pixels



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